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Kid's Quotes

Mighty Munchkin Silly Quotes from April

* While getting ready for recess Johnny was asked where his other glove was? Johnny replied, "It didn't want to be here today!"
*While playing the "Guess who, Community Helper" game, Miss Kristen said, "I can teach you so many new things and help you learn...Who am I?" Kaiden shouted, "A woman!"
*In the transportation Center, Miss Kayla pretended to have the kids gather in her car and said, "Let's go to the beach!" Charliese replied, "No I'm not feeling it today."
*During lunch Madeleine said to the boys, "Less being funny, more eating!"

Little Rascal Silly Quotes from April

*Miss Amanda said "Ben your shoe's are on the wrong feet buddy." Ben replied, "Just because one is on the wrong foot doesn't mean the other one is!"

*After Miss Kayla took Josie's picture, Josie said, "Are you going to text that to my mom!?"

*While making plans, Zachary said, "Nathan I'm gonna wear my golf shirt on Tuesday just like you." Nathan said, "Well I'll give you a call Monday night and let you know if mine's been washed."

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