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Philosophy & Goals

Philosophy & Goals


Bright Start Academy will ensure your child is always in a safe, clean and caring environment that actively engages your child in acquiring new skills and knowledge. Together, as a program, with family involvement and guidance of the teachers we create an environment that invites children to observe, to be active, to make choices and to experiment. By doing so, we ensure the children encounter daily hands-on experiences through play. Each classroom contains well-equipped learning centers that are arranged to promote independence, foster decision making and encourage involvement. A daily schedule is offered to not only provide a consistent routine for your child, but also to build upon the initial foundation of trust.

Bright Start Academy guides children with positive direction so they may successfully develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. We seek to build these attributes not only by building academic awareness, but also by building social and physical skills that will correlate their self-esteem and self-confidence. Age appropriate social interaction, positive reinforcement, educational direction and encouragement will not only help foster your child’s confidence, but enable them to be ready for kindergarten. 
We believe that all children learn through active exploration of their environment. Here at Bright Start Academy we base our curriculum on The Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum builds upon theorists such as Erik Erikson (stages of socio-emotional development) and Jean Piaget (theories of how children think and learn). In addition, it builds upon principles of physical development and an appreciation of cultural influences. Our curriculum respects and values differences among children by considering each child’s individual strengths, interests, and needs. We individualize our curriculum to include children with disabilities and developmental delays. Besides the support of Creative Curriculum, we also apply the RI Early Learning and Development Standards to our everyday routine. As a preschool that is recognized as Feinstein Jr.Scholars, community service and promoting good deeds is another important aspect of our curriculum. Our children are encouraged to make a positive difference in our community by doing good deeds for others throughout the school year. 

Goals for Children

Here at Bright Start Academy, we strive to implement a curriculum supported by the RI Early Learning and Development Standards. These standards are part of our framework that builds upon our every day curriculum. The RI Early Learning and Development Standards are divided into nine domains and can be found at It is our commitment to you and your child that we provide a curriculum and learning environment that helps your child meet the following learning goals: 

• Children demonstrate positive attitudes, habits and learning styles.
• Children demonstrate a strong and positive self-concept, appropriate self-control and growth in their awareness of their responsibilities when interacting with others.
• Children develop skills in listening and expressing their thoughts and ideas.
• Children develop skills in writing and reading while exploring print in books and in the environment. 
• Children develop ways to solve problems and to think about math.
• Children will understand and use the scientific method of asking questions, observing and recording their findings and discussing their conclusions. 
• Children enjoy, express themselves, create and learn about the arts through experiences with a variety of art forms and media.
• Young children’s future health and well-being are directly related to strengthening their large and small muscles, using their sensory experiences and practicing healthy behavior.

"There is no piece of artwork more precious than that created by your own children, using their own hands, and their own imaginations. Our job as teachers is to provide that opportunity, promote their independence and creativity, and celebrate their achievements."

- Miss Kerri (Owner & Director)
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